Access Reliability

Perhaps even more important than how fast our system is, is how reliable the system is. After all, the most important part of the system would be our client's information and how accessible it is.

Since such important information needs to be accessed at times required by you, our clients, we have backup servers of our system and your information, We have backup access points as well in case of internet connection failure.

UPSís and Generators guarantee our Uptime and our services to you in-case of electrical outages.

Information Security

Protecting access to your data is one of the most important goals when securing our systems.

To help eliminate unfriendly access to your data, Our server is kept behind a firewall.

Mass Transactions Processing

The amount of data produced by the client in a single file is not limited by our system but by the bureau itself. So to save time and work on your side, our system deals with large transaction files by splitting them into the right amounts.

Your input file may not comply with bureau standards for debit or credit order submissions, but once the file has been put through our system, it is then 100% compliant, saving you time and money.

Speed of Access

Our system has been built for reliability and flexibility, but we know how you donít like to be kept waiting, so we have built it for speed too.

Excellent Reporting

Driven by the need for greater client satisfaction and comparability among companies on an international level, Our standards of reporting are of the highest.
We support many formats, and therefore allowing you to view reports in the format that your business is most comfortable with.


One of our principal goals when doing our system evaluation is to increase the ease of use of the system being evaluated.

Netnovation has concluded that ease of use is vital towards the success of our system and that standard or existing standards are not sufficient therefore, we strive for much higher standards when delivering and implementing systems to our clients.

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